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“ Hockey is where we live, life is just a place where we spend time between games”.

Canada, there you are ! Hockey is our sport and you will get used to it. It’s not as if you really have the choice anyway.

Hockey is everywhere ; on street advertisings, people’ outfits and in gift shops as well. Here it is considered as the greatest sport ever. But why ?

I would say because It is not boring to either watch or play. You have to perfectly manage ice skating, make the hockey stick be the extension of your arm, keep your balance and focus on the puck. ALL, at the same time !

Hockey games also take you in another world ; a world where you are welcome to make LOTS and LOTS of noise. You can scream, shout or sing as long as you want. Don’t forget if your team is losing, it is better to eat tons of popcorn than biting your nails.

At Rogers Arena, huge screens broadcast live spectator’s reactions. Sometimes people dance or do something crazy like taking off their clothes. Last time I went there with my co-workers, a guy in the stands asked his girlfriend to marry him. TRUE STORY.

The Canucks are the official Vancouver team. This means if you live in Vancouver, you think Canucks-you speak Canucks-you breathe Canucks- you dream Canucks. And of course, you go to see the Canucks playing ! Club ESL offers you the cheapest hockey tickets that you will ever find in the city. So if I were you, I would text my friends to ask if they want to come with me like … right now.









By Julie HAUTECOEUR ( Known as “Jules” )