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The Rockies ROCK ! At any time of the year, the famous Canadian National Park is an awesome experience for  nature lovers. Driving through amazing mountains and forests, you will find yourself in the wild. Like an adventurer, but with lots of comfort.


The Rockies are the most impressive tourism destination that I have ever seen. Peaceful, relaxing and gorgeous. There is a pure fresh air you can breathe when you are near the mountains the city will never provide you.

Nowadays, the winter season is just about to start. So what can we expect for this weekend winter season opening tour ? I would say, “a nice and (even more) friendly trip”. You have the chance to go to a aboriginal resort ; meet First Nation people who will introduce you to Canadian culture and history. You also have the opportunity to go to Lake Louise Ski Resort as the snow is officially coming. Enjoying a campfire with marshmallow roast to keep your hands AND your tummy warm.

This upcoming Rocky Mountain Movember Tour will also bring you more fun than usually. As a support for Movember charity, men are supposed to let their hair and Moustache grow … and girls as well ! We are probably just going to stick a fake one on our face ; it should be enough. The tour pictures promise to be very, VERY interesting.

In November, you can start falling into what we call the “Winter Fun“. Cold outside ? Yes, that means way more people into the Banff nightclubs. A bit of snow around you ? I challenge you to walk naked feet on it for more than 3 minutes. See. 
By Julie HAUTECOEUR ( known as ” Jules”)