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That’s a fact. This city is and will always be the most romantic place of British Columbia.

I remember my 4 days stay in Whistler – including the New Year’s eve – as if it was yesterday. I had a great time ! Here is all what you need to know about the famous ski resort …

First, let’s be honest. YES, it is quite expensive. After hosting the Winter Olympics in 2010, the city got ” big headed” for a bit. The Whistler village is surrounded by lots of luxurious hotels which offer you tons of amenities you don’t obviously need. Of course, when I say that I’m not thinking about the outdoor hot tubs and saunas. SOOOO COOOLLL. Ladies, this is definitely the place for you to be if you’re looking for wealthy Canadian guys.

Whistler is also the place to be if you want to enjoy a true Canadian experience. Sledding beautiful snowy mountains. Wearing a elk or a bear hat. Smelling toasted pecans and hot chestnuts. Drinking a hot chocolate in a book store. Playing billiards with unknown people. Cuddling your boyfriend on a couch by the chimney. Mmmm.

I already heard some tourists comparing Whistler to a “Disneyland” for adults. For me, it makes sense. You can go and do a beer drinking contest with your friends in the pub of your choice. You can go crazy in a local nightclub. You can go shopping in top of the range boutiques. You can take selfies in front of the famous Olympic rings. There is always a way to have fun, ALWAYS. Who said Whistler is a haven of peace for retired people ? I could have counted how many teenagers I have seen doing snow fights.

Whistler is an amazing celebration place as well. In early December, the Christmas lights and decorations are set up in the village. It is gorgeous. On New Year ‘s eve, professionals skiers and snowboarders are impressively performing to entertain you. The bravest ones would even jump through fire rings. SOOOO EXCITIIING. At midnight, everyone is staring at the sky waiting for the fireworks to start.

Ladies, I have a question for you then. How many of you would like to get a kiss from a Canadian gentleman to start the New Year ? No guarantees, but you should think of it. Don’t forget our Whistler 3 days tour is coming soon …

By Julie HAUTECOEUR ( known as “Jules” )
From France