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I bet you know Thrift Shop, the famous song from the Seattle Native Singer Macklemore. Lyrics clearly make us understand how prices in the US can be incredibly high, especially for clothing. ” YO, this is is $50… for a tee-shirt !”.

Club ESL is helping you face this problem. With our USA Black Friday tour coming up on Nov 27th, you have the chance to take part of the craziest shopping NIGHT of the year !

We like hearing these words :” tax-free”, “discounts”,” SALES” !
What about going to the US to take advantage of  – 75- 80% on retail ?
Why not anticipate your Christmas shopping by going where prices are half the price than in Vancouver ?

The concept is as original as fun. Our tour guides will take you to a huge mall where over 120 shops will be waiting for you. Plus – we are talking about a 2-3 hours drive from Downtown Vancouver.This heaven is so close to you.

Live more, sleep less ! Take a break around midnight to take a coffee, and then keep going ! Some electronic brands may really attract you. Think about winter clothes as well : coats, jackets, hoodies – these items are usually costly at this period of the year.

No worries, you shouldn’t have to deal with an insane crowd before entering the mall. However, you can still wear a helmet … just in case.

By Julie HAUTECOEUR ( known as “Jules”)