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Student Services in Vancouver

Group Discounts

We offer group discounts and a simplified process for booking group tours. The discount amount and other benefits do vary based on the size of the group and type of tour; please contact our office for further information.

Group Leader Support

We work with a wide range of group leaders including teachers, chaperones, corporate travel planners, activity directors and basically anyone organizing a tour or a group of people. We support group leaders in every step of the process ensuring that it is as easy as possible to book a group tour and that group leaders are rewarded for their efforts.

Tour Selection – We will help you carefully select a tour based on your group’s needs and interests, including which destinations are the most appealing for your group, tour length, pace and price will be best for your group. If one of our existing tours do not fit all of the needs of your group then we will work with you in developing a custom tour.

Tour Promotion – We can provide you with custom fliers and posters that you can use to promote your tour. In addition, we will build a tour page specifically for your group on our website with all of the tour details, photos and booking capability.

Tour Booking & Payments – We have a very user-friendly online booking system which you can use to register your group. Payments can be made online or by wire transfer or you can just secure your reservation with a credit card and pay with cash upon your arrival in Vancouver.

Safety & Support – The safety and security of our guests is our number one priority and we have taken the following measures to provide the highest level of safety:

  •  All of our Tour Guides have gone through criminal record checks
  •  All of our Tour Guides are certified in First Aid
  •  All of our Tour Guides go through extensive training and are very professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and fun
  •  We are a fully insured tour operator with 10 Million liability insurance / OCC
  •  We have a high Tour Guide / chaperone to student ratio
  •  We work with the most reputable coach company in B.C., the only one that has coaches with seat belts
  •  All of the suppliers that we work with, including accommodations and activity providers, are carefully selected to ensure they meet our safety and quality standards
  •  We are a member of good standing with the Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority (BPCPA) of British Columbia.
  •  We have a 24 x 7 support line so if any problems occur on a tour there is an experienced support team readily available to assist the Tour Guides in any type of event.

Permission / Waiver Forms

For any guest under the age of 19 we do require the parent or legal guardian to read and sign our waiver form. Please fill out the attached waiver form and fax to 1-604-688-3317 or scan and e-mail it to [email protected]. We must receive the signed waiver form at least 1-day prior to the tour departure date.


Group Leader Benefits

We greatly appreciate all of the effort taken by group leaders and we take every measure to ensure that group leaders are rewarded for their efforts. The types of rewards and benefits do vary based on the size of the group and type of tour. In general, if you are booking a group on one of our regular scheduled tours with a set price you will receive a commission for each guest and a complimentary tour with 15 paying guests. If we are creating a custom tour we will build the cost of the group leader into the price of the tour so you will travel for free regardless of the number of guests. Please contact our office for further information on our rewards and benefit program.