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15 new food trucks are hitting Vancouver Streets this month

Vancouver food trucks were recently ranked third best in North America by Travel + Escape. With 15 newly announced Vancouver food trucks set to begin serving the public this month, we’re on our way to number one.

The City of Vancouver has put a lot of thought into planning its street food program since the 2010 launch. As a result of careful permit regulation, food truck expansion has been slow compared to the burgeoning food truck scenes in Portland and Austin.

But the fleet of 15 new Vancouver food trucks (specializing in street eats such as crunchy-outside, pillowy-inside Belgian waffles, extreme mac and cheese, Aussie hand pies, Filipino fusion, innovative salads, specialty coffee, gluten-free snacks, Kosher Israeli and slow-cooked comfort food) may prove that slow and steady wins the race.

The City’s Street Vending Program received 29 applications for 15 new stationary permits this year. The 15 new Vancouver food trucks:

1) Aussie Pie Guy, 600 Hamilton Street
Sweet and savoury Aussie hand pies.

2) Chou Chou Crepes, 500 Cambie Street
Frenchified crepes.

3) Culver City Salads, 400 Cambie Street (may change)
Fresh daily vegan entree salads and brown rice bowls.

4) Dougie Diner, 600 Hamilton Street
Dougie’s famous dogs and burgers.

5) Eat Sexy, 400 Cambie Street
Healthy fusion.

6) Falso Philly Cheese Steaks, 200 West 40th
Philly cheese steaks and bubble tea.

7) Fat Duck Mobile Eatery, 600 Hamilton Street
Slow-cooked comfort foods.

8) JJ’s Trucketeria, Abbott St. at Expo Blvd.
Healthy Filipino fusion.

9) Patisserie Lebeau, 600 Hamilton Street.
Traditional, decadent Belgian waffles.

10) San Juan Family Farm, 1800 Davie
Fruit juices, smoothies, fruit shakes.

11) Reel Mac & Cheese, 600 Hamilton Street
Movie-inspired Mac and cheese and deep-fried mac and cheese balls.

12) Stir It Up Bike Cafe, Olympic Village SkyTrain Station
Vancouver’s first pedal-powered food cart with sustainable coffee and gluten-free snacks.

13) The Grill Express, TBA
Kosher Israeli fare.

14) Wan Jai Thai Food, 1300 Pacific Blvd.
Thai food.

15) Yo Quiero Taqueria, 1700 East Broadway
Tacos and fresh house-made salsa.

Vancouver currently has 114 stationary food trucks on Vancouver streets. You can browse through all of them here.

Source: Inside Vancouver