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One word is in everybody’s mind this week. One single word sounds very exciting : HALLOWEEN. What can we do to make the most of it ? I offer you to follow this five steps to have no regrets.

* GO TO A PUMPKIN PATCH. As original as fun. It is about having a walk in a big field full of pumpkins where you can pick up as many as you want to carve later. Tiny or huge ; cute or weird looking ; it doesn’t matter. If people try to steal your beloved pumpkin, feel free to pull their hair.

* INVITE YOUR FRIENDS OVER. You will never be too old to organize a nice horror movie night ( I highly recommend ‘The Shining’ or ‘Signs’). Forget about eating popcorn at the same time ; it always end up on the floor. If you are in the mood for it – turn off the lights , take a blanket, a torch and read a few scary stories.

* CHOOSE THE RIGHT COSTUM. Scary, silly or sexy : it’s up to you. Just make sure you will be 100% comfy with it. Avoid short skirts if you don’t want to have to bring it down each five minutes. Avoid scary costums if you are worried about being the ugliest person on your friends pictures. Avoid silly costums if you don’t want your friends to make fun of you til you’ll be married or have children.

* GO TRICK-OR-TREATING. This is my favourite Halloween tradition ! (Still, I know). With family or friends, it is always cool. I love seeing people’s reactions when they see me standing by their front door, holding a real knife in my hands. Be smart, tell them what you expect : Skittles, Haribos, Maltesers or any type of sweet cake.

* GO TO A HALLOWEEN PARTY ! To make amazing memories. In Vancouver, you have lots of possibilities. Club ESL is offering you the craziest one at Rain Nightclub on friday night, october 31 ! Fire shows, costums contests and Michael Jackson Thriller zombies are waiting for you.

D-10 … go go GO !

By Julie HAUTECOEUR ( known as ‘Jules’)
From France