Top 10 Reasons to Visit Portland for July 4th Weekend

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Portland Oregon: Defining Weird since 1851

Portland Oregon is a city that stands out from others in North America. It has a character that is unlike anything else that you have seen.

Portland Oregon - White Stag sign, Dec. 2010.  Photo by Steve Morgan.

Portland Oregon – White Stag sign, Dec. 2010. Photo by Steve Morgan.

1. No Sales Tax!


It’s true – the entire state of Oregon doesn’t charge sales tax. So the more shopping you do here, the more money you will save!

2. It’s like travelling back to the ’90s…. the 1890s!

Most of you are probably familiar with the term “Hipster”. While some of these exist in Vancouver, there is nowhere more hipster than Portland.  It’s a trend that more people are becoming a part of, and something you need to see to believe. If you are a fan of people watching, the characters that you meet in Portland will definitely not dissappoint.

3. Two Words: Voodoo Doughnut….


This place is amazing. It’s open 24 hours a day, and usually has a line day or night. But the wait is well worth it. We recommend the maple bacon doughnut. It will warm your heart.

mmmmaple bacon......



3. Powell’s Books


Powell’s is one of the largest independent bookstores in the United States. It’s an amazing selection of all kinds of literature.  Browsers are welcome but we bet you’ll find a book or two that you love. And since there’s no sales tax, you might as well get something to take home!

4. Amazing Local Restaurants


Portland loves the independent businesses. The restaurants are no exception. You won’t find many chain restaurants downtown, but you will find an amazing selection of every type of food under the sun. One of our personal favourites is Mother’s, get there early for breakfast and you won’t be disappointed!

5. Do you Like Beer?

beermap This is a map of all the breweries in Portland. Not bars, but actual breweries where they make the beer on site. You couldn’t see them all in a weekend even if you tried. But walk for a few blocks downtown, and that walk will soon become a stumble…. luckily the free transportation downtown will help you get around!

6. Live Music


Portland’s live music scene is one of the best in the Northwest, putting it in high running for top cities in the USA to see a good show. Bands like Modest Mouse and The Decemberists are from here, and amazing touring acts always come here. One of our favourite venues is the Crystal Ballroom (shown above) where the spring-loaded floor makes for a fun dancing experience.

7. Food Carts


Along with the amazing independent restaurants, there are hundreds of food carts throughout Portland that offer even more food options for a great price.

8. Free Transportation!



 That’s right. All public transportation in an area of downtown is absolutely FREE! Giving you more money to go shopping or try another brewery!

9. Public Fountains


There are tons of fountains around Portland that are interactive, meaning you can splash around in them. Given how hot it has been recently, this is a very good thing to have.  Here’s a list of a few of those fountains.

10. It’s America’s Birthday!

fireworks You need to experience the 4th of July in the USA. It’s a great summertime holiday and a chance to meet some friendly Americans out in the streets and parks. There is always live entertainment, even a famous Blues Festival down by the river. Not to mention the fireworks show in Portland is amazing!

Join US!

We will be leaving Vancouver for Portland on Friday, July 3 for a 3 day adventure south. It’s going to be a lot of fun and is our ONLY trip there this summer. So don’t miss out on a great opportunity to see a city that has it’s own unique, lovable character – and is uniquely “weird”.  Tickets are selling fast! Send us an email today to reserve your spot!

Finally, here’s a little video that, if you aren’t convinced to come, will probably change your mind.