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True Canadian people are now starting to get ready for Thanksgiving this upcoming monday.It seems to be a big deal here. Nevertheless, some foreign students or workers ( just like me! ) are still wondering what is really Thanksgiving about. Is it just an excuse for your annoying aunt  ; …Continue Reading

Victoria, what a surprise!

  As a intern at Club Esl, I have the chance to go for free on any tour the company provides. How lucky I am? My first tour with Club Esl it was to Victoria, at The beautiful Vancouver Island, at the end of September. It was awesome! There I was, in front …Continue Reading


Last year, I spent the Christmas holiday in Vancouver to visit friends I met in America. This was my first time in Canada and I had no idea what to expect. Surrounded by large mountains and blue ocean water, the city was still a mystery to me. A few days …Continue Reading

Keep Portland WiErD!

Portland has been rated the most liked American city, as well as the beer capital of the world! To me, this sounds like the perfect place to relax and unwind, while getting away from the busy summer streets of Vancouver. Portland is way more chill than the touristic explosion we …Continue Reading

Because 2 Days is Always Better Than One.

The last couple weekends I have traveled to Seattle for a one day Sightseeing trip. Every time I go I tell myself how much fun it would be to be in Seattle for a longer time, to experience the true essence of this American city. I want to learn more …Continue Reading

Give Me Reason, Give Me Fire!

The boat cruise party was a complete and utter success! I think it was the best day of the year for most of our Club ESL members. We are still gushing with excitement about the parties we had on Friday… the boat cruise and the after party at Club Prive …Continue Reading

The True Canadian Experience

I know many of you are wondering what it would be like to have a true Canadian weekend. Vancouver is an international hub and the Canadian essence tends to be lost amongst the crowds. Discover what a weekend away from the city can do for you and your inner canadian …Continue Reading

I’m On a Boat.

Sometimes staying on land can become a bit tedious, The parties and clubs are starting to seem so serious. We have such a vast ocean out there to explore, So, let’s embark on an adventure far from the shore. Suit up in your best white glamorous attire, And experience a …Continue Reading

Give The Gift of Travel

From a travellers perspective, I have seen the effects that a vivacious foreign land can have on my life. We are so fortunate to live in a place where education is so readily available, whether you were born in Canada, or perhaps you have moved here to study…. we are …Continue Reading

Paws On!

I had the most incredible time in the Rockies this past weekend. A perfect sunny weekend, lively fun-loving group and wildlife friends were all components conducive to a tell tale perfect weekend. Banff avenue had us hooting and hollering as we walked down to the multiple nightclubs, and even though …Continue Reading