Vancouver Canucks Hockey Tickets

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Watch a game of the Vancouver Canucks and enjoy one of Canada’s most popular sports!

Upcoming Games

Date Opponent Price
November 29, 2016 Minnesota Wild $55
December 1, 2016 Anaheim Ducks $55
December 3, 2016 Toronto Maple Leafs Sold out
December 16, 2016 Tampa Bay Lightning $55
December 18, 2016 Columbus Blue Jackets $55
December 20, 2016 Winnipeg Jets $55
December 22, 2016 Winnipeg Jets $55
December 28, 2016 Los Angeles Kings $75
December 30, 2016 Anaheim Ducks $55


Ice Rink


Hockey is played with six players on the ice for each team; five skaters, one goaltender. The typical roster size of a hockey team is twenty players; twelve forwards, defensemen, and two goaltenders. There are an unlimited amount of substitutions and they can happen at any time; during play and/or a stoppage of play.


Each hockey game consists of 3 periods. Each period is 20 minutes, with an intermission in between. If the game is still tied at the end of regulation, there is a sudden death overtime period; meaning, if a goal is scored during this period, the game is over. During the NHL regular season, the overtime period is five minutes long with 4-on-4 hockey. If the game is still tied after the overtime period, it results in a shootout. In NHL playoff hockey, the sudden death overtime period(s) is twenty minutes long with 5-on-5 hockey. The game will continue until there is a goal scored, there is no shootout.


All home games of the Vancouver Canucks are played at Rogers Arena in downtown Vancouver. The stadium is located at 800 Griffiths Way, across from the Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain Station.